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Api Chamber and Apiary “OPG-Grguric” Mijo

Recommended for experienced riders
Duration min. 4 hours
The total price depends on what you want from the offer below.

Possibility to inhale/inhale the healing air from beehives for 1/2 hour – insider tip for better well-being!!
Price EUR 8.00/group EUR 6.00
Eating and drinking Croatian specialties or a mixed grill
Price: 25.00 Eur – 35.00 Eur, depending on the order
Cross-country ride with accommodation and meals
Price: 50- 65€

This tour can also be ridden without a riding guide. Clearly visible signposts can be seen in nature and in the village. During the time of retreat, the horses are allowed to graze very close in sight in a securely fenced area.

APITHERAPY – the healing power of bees

Apitherapy (lat. “Apis” = bee) is generally understood to mean the use of bee products such as honey, bee venom, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and bee air to prevent and cure diseases. Inhalation with beehive air has been very successful because of this recently gained notoriety for respiratory problems

TIP: Visit the bee shop! There you will find different kinds of honey, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and other different bee products from our own production.

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