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Breed: Appaloosa (SAD)
Year of birth: 2011

Characteristics: suitable for small children, particularly calm character reliable, stable, relaxed, nice and friendly

Cash Power Dry (Sugar)

Breed: Palomino, Quarter Horse (Slovenia)
Characteristics: Auch für anfänger geeignet, kinderfreunde, extremely calm, relaxed, loving character



Sunny Boy

Breed: Andalusian (Spain)
Year of birth: 2015

Characteristics: Traits, brave, loyal; docile, sociability, charmer, child-friendly

Queen Mary

Breed: Posavina Vollblut Mix (Croatia)

Characteristics: very easy and comfortable, for young people and beginners, comfortable and happy

Jack Junior

Breed: Paint, Quarter Horse (Italy)
Year of birth: 2010

Characteristics: likable, suitable for children, vivid, good-natured